Induction & Return to Practice Documents

Induction & Return to Practice Documents

This resource bank in the process of being updated and will be completed in January 2021. Please check regularly for new and updated documents.

 GP International Induction Programme Application Form  View / Download
 GP Return to Practice Application Form  View / Download
Detailed Step-by-Step Guides (England)
 International Induction Programme  View / Download
 Return to Practice Programme  View / Download
 Reference Guidance  View / Download
 Clinical reference form  View / Download
 Non-clinical reference form  View / Download
 e-Learning for Health Mandatory Induction Modules Guidance  View / Download
 MCQ Assessment Test and Scoring Guidance  View / Download
 Simulated Surgery Guidance Notes  View / Download
 Guidelines on Learning Needs Assessment Attempts  View / Download
 Completing the Scheme Checklist  View / Download
 Full end of placement Report Scheme (of up to 3 or 6 months)  View / Download
 Short end of placement Report, for accelerated scheme (for Band 5 MCQ outcomes and Portfolio Route only maximum 1 month placement)  View / Download
Claim Forms
 Induction & Refresher Claim Form B (CF:B)  View / Download
 Induction & Refresher Claim Form C (CF:C)  View / Download
Advice Documents
 Practice Placements  View / Download
 Induction & Refresher Scheme and Appraisal  View / Download
IR Supervisor Training Model Agreement View / Download
 Complaints Policy and Procedures 2021  View / Download