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The West Midlands is an increasingly popular place to train. It is a large Deanery both geographically but also with the number of doctors training to become GPs. Reassuringly the vast majority stay where they train.

The area is now exceeding targets with an intake each year 450-500 so that the School of General Practice in the West Midlands delivers GP training over 3 years to over 1500 Associates in Training (GP Trainees). The experience of each programme is very individual with trainees working in very different environments but with a common reliance on great communication and good clinical knowledge and skills; every village, town or city practice has the everyday variety and challenges of its own population but there are the additional challenges and satisfaction of working in the isolated and rural communities in North Staffordshire, Hereford and Shropshire or supporting the families living in deprivation and poverty in the towns and cities of the West Midlands.

The focus of GP training is “you, the future GP”, surrounded by a support team which includes the Clinical and Educational Supervisors, plus dedicated Programme Directors. There are almost 900 trainers across the region, which has 16 training programmes, with 70 Programme Directors with 5 Area Directors overseeing each patch. Training should be experiential and supportive both in hospital and in primary care.

Training for 2021 is currently being transformed with careful selection of hospital attachments suitable for developing the future GP. These will contribute to the first 12 months of the training programme, which will now be followed by 24 months of training in primary care. Many of these will contain exciting, innovative attachments to community services such as mental health, sexual health, homeless services etc...

There are currently TERS incentives for some (but not all) of the programmes in Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire. Select these only if you are committed to moving and staying within these training areas.

But the area is a large area and so it’s important to select your training programme realistically. It can be difficult to transfer after starting training. Other factors to consider are access to affordable housing, good schools, sports and leisure activities and becoming part of the local community. To help this, selection is down to scheme and even programme level.

There is good access to Less than Fulltime Training as well as opportunities to develop academic careers through Academic Fellowships, post-CCT fellowships and run-through programmes where training can lead onto supportive jobs within the Primary Care Networks after CCT. Because of hard work and the support of the training supervisors, over 95% of trainees will graduate with MRCGP.


David Palmer
Head of GP School in West Midlands


Recruitment Contact

Health Education West Midlands
23 Stephenson Street, Birmingham, B2 4HQ


Programme & Employment Information

Specialty & Level (Type of Work) General Practice ST1
Recruitment Round
Round 1, August 2022
Type of Recruitment National
Qualifications & Professional Registration Required See GP ST1 Person Specification 2022
Anticipated Number of Vacancies View current round information on Recruitment
Anticipated Start Date View current round information on Recruitment page
2021 Competition Ratios
Contact Us specialtyrecruitment.wm@hee.nhs.uk
Application Process See Applicant Guidance
Eligibility Criteria Please read the immigration statement in the 2022 Medical Specialty Training Applicant Handbook which will apply to doctors considering entry to programmes starting from August 2022. Please refer to the person specification for other eligibility criteria.
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Programme Details Visit HEE West Midlands website
Role Description Visit HEE West Midlands website
Training Locations (& link to map) Visit HEE West Midlands website
Anticipated Duration of Programme 3 years
Anticipated Outcome of Programme (subject to satisfactory progression) Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) or,
Certificate of Eligibility for General Practice Registration (CEGPR)
Expected Rotation Information (+ exceptions) Visit HEE West Midlands website
Sample Rotation N/A
GMC Trainees/Trainers Survey link National Training Survey
Employer St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospital NHS Trust
Salary Scale / Basic Pay NHS Employers' Pay Circular
National Terms & Conditions
Travel and relocation expenses policy St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospital NHS Trust
Other Policies & Guidance N/A