Simulated Surgery

Simulated Surgery

This assessment tests your consulting and communication skills. It is intended to be like an everyday surgery in any general practice. They are now held as a “virtual” online assessment which you can undertake from your own home or other safe site provided it has good secure internet connections. The simulated surgery is still set as in a consulting room with trained simulators playing the role of patients who will consult you for 10 minute appointments.

Detailed information regarding the simulated surgery is available in the Simulated Surgery Guidance Notes document.

For some information about resources you could use to help prepare for the new Induction and Refresher (I&R) learning needs assessments, please read this document.

For an on-line briefing on the "virtual" Simulated surgery please follow this link

The  Simulated surgery Assessment will continue to be delivered by means of a virtual on-line live assessment until further notice, final dates will be notified 6 weeks in advance


  • Simulated Surgery Assessment is no longer a requirement to join IIP and RTP Programme, and no further assessment will be conducted, this information is currently under review and will be de-activated soon. Please liaise with relevant local HEE leads for advice.  


*Please note the above dates are subject to change. Additional Simulated surgery dates will be added to the programme to meet the needs if required (please re check dates as required)

Number of permissible attempts and associated costs

Applicants are permitted a maximum of four attempts at the simulated surgery assessment. A successful attempt at the simulated surgery assessment is valid for a maximum of 12 months from the date of the assessment.

Registration to take Simulated Surgery assessment:

Simulated Surgery registration form 

The requirement to sit the Simulated Surgery is guided by the outcome of the MCQ and by any additional requirements of the NHS E&I Medical Director,  To apply all  candidates are required to complete the Learning needs assessment registration form, approved by the relevant HEE Educational Lead and submit to NRO   

Candidates can book onto the Simulated Surgery at the same time as the MCQ assessments, for first time attempts only at the MCQ and/or the Simulated Surgery, local HEE offices are able to book candidates up to 10 working days before the relevant assessment in exceptional situations.

Upon receiving the approved learning needs assessment form, NRO releases the simulated surgery booking confirmation to candidates via email.

Results: will be released to the candidates, from their respective HEE local Educational lead within 10 working days; please do not contact National Recruitment office.

Resitting: If unsuccessful and would like to re-take the simulated surgery, candidates need to liaise with their  respective HEE local Educational Lead and submit approved learning needs assessment registration form to NRO.

Important Information