Streamlined CEGPR Process for Australia (SPA)

GP Induction Placement following the Streamlined CEGPR Process for Australia (SPA)

The RCGP and GMC following a mapping review of Australian GP training programmes has agreed that these programmes are close to those undertaken in UK training (MRCGP).

Recognition of all overseas training (from outside EU and Switzerland) and for entry to the GMC GP Register with a Licence to Practise requires an application for a CEGPR.

It has been agreed that the amount of evidence required for this type of CEGPR application is therefore significantly reduced and if the doctor trained and qualified as a general practitioner in Australia from 2011 onwards, they may be eligible to apply for a CEGPR via the Streamlined Process for Australia (SPA).

To be eligible to apply through the SPA process, the doctor will need to have achieved either:

  • Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) under any of the RACGP curricula from 2007 to date, following satisfactory completion of the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) programme, or
  • Fellowship of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (FACRRM) under the 2013 curriculum and following satisfactory completion of an approved AGPT programme. Your application for a CEGPR must be made immediately after gaining your FACRRM qualification or you may apply later provided your experience as a general practitioner post Fellowship is not in remote rural practice.

In addition, the doctor will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Your application for a CEGPR must be made within the ten years after gaining either FRACGP or FACRRM. During this time, it is expected that you will have maintained your skills by working in general practice but not exclusively in remote rural practice. If you haven't trained or worked in general practice for several years it may be difficult for you to evidence the skills and competences required. Most weight will be given to experience as a general practitioner in the five years preceding your application for a CEGPR.

During their SPA application process, they may register with the NRO so they can access the on-line I&R educational e-support.

Once the doctor has gained a CEGPR and is included in the GP Register with a Licence to Practise, they can complete their application to join the NHS England Medical Performers List (with conditions of undertaking an Induction placement) and complete a short GP Induction programme before applying for posts in independent practice. They will need to register for the GP Induction and Refresher Scheme through the GP National Recruitment Office website

Following successful application, provided the doctor was not out of clinical practice for more than 2 calendar years at the point of receiving their CEGPR, then direct entry to a clinical induction placement can occur. They are not required to take the I&R Learning Needs Assessments (MCQ or Sim surgery)

A minimum funded Induction Placement of 3 months will be undertaken in an approved HEE I&R Training Practice under a ES/CS and will be signed off by a satisfactory WPBA report sent to the Lead RO (Medical Director at Cheshire and Mersey)

If during the placement there is clear documented evidence that the Induction process can be signed off earlier than 3 months a recommendation can be submitted to the RO seeking the option to shorten based on the workplace based report.  Where it is identified that a longer Induction period may be required this can be requested by submission of an interim WPBA report with an HEE recommendation to the RO.

Streamlined CEGPR Process for Australia (SPA) Information on RCGP website.

Nov 2018