Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency

Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency

Northern Ireland GP Training- what are you waiting for?

Excellence in training matched with excellent career opportunities in a great place to learn, live work and enjoy. Become a truly valued member of our GP community as you embark on your GP training journey here in Northern Ireland.

With a 2 hour car journey taking you from one end of the country to another you are never far away from the opportunity to further your career or from a chance to take in stunning scenery and outdoor adventure or enjoy vibrant city life at its best.

Training in Northern Ireland is the responsibility of the Medical and Dental Training Agency (NIMDTA). Our highly skilled and motivated team of medical and administrative staff are there to help and support you every step of the way on your journey to becoming a GP.

The training programmes are geographically located across the region in 7 distinct areas and are as varied as the outstanding NI landscape within which they sit. There are opportunities to train within both urban, suburban and rural settings with many programmes offering a combined urban / rural experience.

The highly successful General Practice Academic Research Training Scheme (GPARTS) offers an enhanced opportunity to develop a clinical research career focussed on General Practice. Following CCT, you may want to take advantage of exciting GP fellowship positions in leadership and in areas of special interest.

With high success rates in MRCGP examinations and opportunities to further enhance skills in special interest areas, our experienced and committed educational and clinical supervisors are well placed to help you succeed in your goal of becoming a GP.

Life is simply more than just your training programme and the job you do, you will want to feel part of the community and have opportunities to relax and enjoy life outside work. Northern Ireland has some of the most outstanding areas of natural beauty anywhere in the UK and they are all on your doorstep. If sport is your passion you will not be disappointed with the variety and availability making use of our stunning natural backdrops. If it’s the Arts, then you are in for a cultural treat or if it’s just enjoying good food and friendship, you will not be disappointed. Northern Ireland has it all.

What are you waiting for? Come and live, learn, belong and succeed in GP Training Northern Ireland.




Recruitment Contact

Lauran Morrow
NIMDTA, Beechill House, 42 Beechill Road, Belfast BT8 7RL


Programme & Employment Information

Specialty & Level (Type of Work) General Practice ST1
Recruitment Round
Round 1, August 2022
Type of Recruitment National
Qualifications & Professional Registration Required See GP ST1 Person Specification 2022
Anticipated Number of Vacancies View current round information on Recruitment page
Anticipated Start Date View current round information on Recruitment page
2021 Competition Ratios
Contact Us
Application Process See Applicant Guidance
Eligibility Criteria Please read the immigration statement in the 2022 Medical Specialty Training Applicant Handbook which will apply to doctors considering entry to programmes starting from August 2022. Please refer to the person specification for other eligibility criteria.
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Programme Details
  • 23 GPST1 Programmes in Belfast HSC Trust
  • 4 GPST1 Programmes in Northern HSC Trust (North Coast)
  • 18 GPST1 Programmes in Northern HSC Trust (South Antrim)
  • 23 GPST1 Programmes in South East HSC Trust
  • 23 GPST1 Programmes in Southern HSC Trust
  • 14 GPST1 Programmes in North Western HSC Trust
  • 6 GPST1 Programmes in South Western HSC Trust
Role Description GPST1 in Northern Ireland GP Specialty Training programme
Training Locations (& link to map)
Anticipated Duration of Programme 3 years
Anticipated Outcome of Programme (subject to satisfactory progression) Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) or,
Certificate of Eligibility for General Practice Registration (CEGPR)
Expected Rotation Information (+ exceptions)  
Sample Rotation  
GMC Trainees/Trainers Survey link National Training Survey
Employer Single Lead Employer - NIMDTA
Salary Scale / Basic Pay  
National Terms & Conditions  
Travel and relocation expenses policy Guidance on Relocation, Removal and Excess Travel Expenses for Doctors and Dentists in Training
Other Policies & Guidance