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Looking for excellent training tailored to your needs combined with a great lifestyle? Becoming part of our community will give your general practice training the best possible start. It is a great place to learn, live, and work, and our trainees truly value the support they are given.

Enjoy general practice training on one of our varied GP specialist training programs offering the chance to care for a diverse population in varied rural, coastal and urban settings.

Our training opportunities focus on what a GP really needs to know. We have expanded our range of innovative training posts, which gives you the opportunity to combine experience in one of a wide range of hospital or community specialties with the ability to apply that learning in a GP base in a combined post. We are developing opportunities for you to train with your multi-professional colleagues.

Exams are a necessary part of training. We will offer support for your AKT and CSA preparation throughout your training.

Health equity is a fundamental right for patients and meeting the needs of our population is part of the ethos of our GP school. You will be part of a program of teaching that includes community voluntary sector placements and teaching on how to assess the health needs of your population.

Are you a Trailblazer? This year is the first year of our Trailblazer Scheme which is a complete program developed with the aim of focusing on health equity and meeting the needs of the most deprived in our communities. Trailblazer trainees will be able to choose from specific rotations that are part of their chosen local GPST program but will have additional quarterly training in health equity and a support network of other Trailblazers from across Y&H. Please note this programme is not suitable for ACTF. Please click here for more detailed information on Trailblazer posts.

Take advantage of the great experience that you can obtain through working in an out of programme year. Opportunities for overseas posts in New Zealand or South Africa, preparation for leadership roles through our leadership fellowship year and post-CCT fellowships and innovative training opportunities.

A great lifestyle. Reasonably priced housing, excellent schools, top rated universities, amazing outdoor pursuits and friendly people guarantee a great lifestyle.

Enjoy working in Yorkshire and the Humber. Become part of YOUR patient's story.




Recruitment Contact

GP Recruitment
Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber, Ground Floor, Block A, Willerby Hill Business Park, Willerby, Hull HU10 6FE
(Please add 'GP' in the subject line for all email queries)


Programme & Employment Information

Specialty & Level (Type of Work) General Practice ST1
Recruitment Round
Round 1, August 2022
Type of Recruitment National
Qualifications & Professional Registration Required See GP ST1 Person Specification 2022
Anticipated Number of Vacancies View current round information on Recruitment
Anticipated Start Date View current round information on Recruitment page
2021 Competition Ratios
Contact Us GPrec.yh@hee.nhs.uk
Application Process See Applicant Guidance
Eligibility Criteria Please read the immigration statement in the 2022 Medical Specialty Training Applicant Handbook which will apply to doctors considering entry to programmes starting from August 2022. Please refer to the person specification for other eligibility criteria.
Online Recruitment Portal Oriel
Advert Oriel
Advert appears View current round information on Recruitment page
Apply from View current round information on Recruitment page
Closing Date View current round information on Recruitment page
Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment View current round information on Recruitment page
Invitations to Selection Centre expected N/A
Selection Centre Date N/A
Selection Centre Location N/A
What to bring to Selection Centre N/A
Travel Expense Claim Forms N/A
Offers from View current round information on Recruitment page
Programme Details Visit HEE Yorkshire and the Humber website
Role Description Visit HEE Yorkshire and the Humber website
Training Locations (& link to map) Visit HEE Yorkshire and the Humber website
Anticipated Duration of Programme 3 years
Anticipated Outcome of Programme (subject to satisfactory progression) Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) or,
Certificate of Eligibility for General Practice Registration (CEGPR)
Expected Rotation Information (+ exceptions) N/A
Sample Rotation 6 months Hospital Placement, 6 months GP Practice, 6 months Hospital Placement, 6 months Hospital Placement, 6 months GP Practice, 6 months GP Practice
GMC Trainees/Trainers Survey link National Training Survey
Employer Various Trusts depending on the Scheme the candidate is placed in
Salary Scale / Basic Pay NHS Employers' Pay Circular
National Terms & Conditions
Travel and relocation expenses policy To refer to the starting employer
Other Policies & Guidance N/A