Career Stories - Dr Vicki Collinson

Dr Vicki Collinson

A GP Partner in Bath, Somerset

I have been a GP for 13 years and am currently a GP partner at a practice in Bath. I chose general practice as it would give me the opportunity for a portfolio career and keep me challenged.

Pre medicine I was torn between medicine and a career in the law or the police. So I chose a career where I could combine them. As a medical student, I did electives in the USA, doing space medicine at the Kennedy Space Centre, as well as forensic pathology, both of which were great fun.

My first years after qualifying as a doctor were hugely varied, doing GP and medicine/surgery in my first year and then during my GP training, Psychiatry, Paediatrics where I chose to do some child protection work, O&G and Medicine.

When I qualified as a GP, I worked as a Forensic Medical Examiner with the Avon and Somerset Police, alongside a salaried GP post, doing local out of hours (OOH) sessions. I also worked as a prison GP at HMP Bristol, which I loved, and gave me more experience working in Substance Misuse.

When I was a salaried GP, I became a GP trainer. I really enjoy teaching and encouraging new trainees. I keep my practical hand in by doing minor surgery and joint injections and have a passion for social prescribing to help support mental health and social isolation. I am on a CCG mental health pathways board and actively participate in our CCG meetings.

Now, as a GP partner, I also have the challenge of running a business, whilst having autonomy over my working life. As such, I have worked 3 days a week for the past 8 years, which has allowed me to maintain the elusive healthy work life balance. I have had time to undertake extra projects, such as a liaison post in secondary care and mentoring newly qualified GPs with the RCGP, foster a child and indulge my love of photography, travel and writing!