Recruitment to Global Health Fellowship: Time Out of Programme (OOPE) training in the UK is different in each country...

England & Wales

Overseas Experience Placements Available to GP Trainees

Global Health Fellowships (GHF) enable successful ST1 applicants to work overseas in a resource poor rural South African community for twelve months between ST2 and ST3 as part of a four year Global Health and GP training programme. Deployment overseas is taken a Time out of Programme Experience (OOPE) A UK equivalent salary is paid by the South African Government.

This scheme is available in many HEE local offices and Wales and successful ST1 applicants will be offered the opportunity to apply locally for a GHF after securing a GP placement in the location of applicants' choice. Some GHF posts, depending on location, may be competitive.

Under the scheme, the GP training programme duration will be extended by 12 months, unless applicants are also attending the Diploma in Tropical Medicine (TM&H) course, when it will be extended by 15 months.

The scheme is run through Africa Health Placements (AHP) and will be paid broadly equivalent to an NHS salary. Successful GHF candidates will rotate through bespoke hospital posts, such as obstetrics & gynaecology, paediatrics and emergency medicine. All successfully appointed candidates will return to a guaranteed ST3 post to complete GP training.

For further information, applicants should contact the region in HEE or Wales that they are interested in working in.

Want to know what it would be like to work in rural South Africa? Watch the video below.

Additional Information for Fellowships

Global Health Trainees will be expected to keep a reflective diary and complete an audit or simple project during their OOPE placement with AHP in South Africa. There will be no formal assessment of competencies, and although the e-portfolio does not need to be completed, trainees will require an ARCP at the end of the OOPE. For this the trainee should upload an OOP Supervisor report to their Learning Log under course/certificate. The trainee will be required to use the HEE Overseas Appraisal Toolkit and submit a completed Form R. All Global Health Fellows will be offered an individual debrief on return to the UK.

Global Health Fellows will be assigned a mentor and expected to attend GH educational events during ST1, ST2 and ST3.

Applicants with Primary Medical Degrees from outside the UK may not be eligible for registration with the HPCSA (South African GMC)

Applicants who will hold a Tier 2 Visa at the time of departure should seek advice from the appropriate governmental department ahead of application to ensure they are eligible to apply and understand any restrictions that may occur from being outside of the United Kingdom for 12 months.

Scotland & Northern Ireland

To enquire about possible opportunities for experience in rural South Africa during GP training in Scotland and Northern Ireland, please contact NHS Education for Scotland or the Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency respectively.