Statutory Deferred Entry

UK applicants can defer the start of their ST1 programme on statutory grounds such as personal ill health or maternity/paternity/adoption leave in line with the Reference Guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK (The Gold Guide, 7th Ed.).


Non-statutory Deferred Entry

Successful applicants appointed to England, Scotland or Wales are entitled to apply to defer entry to GP training on non-statutory grounds for up to 12 months; non-statutory deferment is not permitted in Northern Ireland.

Applicants who wish to defer on non-statutory grounds should read the Step-on Step-off policy to understand the processes and timescales for requesting deferred entry and action accordingly.

All applicants applying for non-statuary deferral must indicate this at time of application by answering YES to the question "Do you wish to apply for a deferred start?" in the Oriel application, disregarding the statement that training can only be deferred on statutory grounds.

All non-statutory deferment requests are subject to consideration and approval from the local training region, not the GPNRO, and all decisions will be taken by the local training region in alignment with their local policy and workforce demand. It should be noted that as non-statutory deferments are not an entitlement, approval of requests cannot be guaranteed.