What support is available?

From 1st November 2016, new and existing members of the I&R scheme will be eligible for funding as follows:

  • Increased bursary payment of £3,500 per full time month (this can be claimed directly by the I&R doctor from the GPNRO)

  • One off payment of £1,250 to assist with indemnity costs whilst on the Scheme. Available until 31st October 2018

  • One off payment of £464 towards the costs of GMC membership and DBS fees. Available until 31st October 2018

  • First attempts of the learning needs assessments are free. Existing members of the scheme (those that joined the scheme before 1 November 2016) can claim the costs of these assessments when they have completed the scheme Costs are £150 for MCQs and £850 for simulated surgery

  • Reimbursement of fees for the Portfolio route (worth £950).

  • One year’s free membership to the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

  • Payment to the hosting practice of an I&R supervision fee.

Applicants may, in certain circumstances, qualify for additional support through the Cameron Fund.

Applicants will be eligible for a full time bursary (37.5 hours per week) or pro-rata for part-time participation.

To participate in the scheme, you should have medical indemnity which is available at a reduced rate for the duration of your placement and can be reimbursed as described above.

Full Time Percent of Full time Hours in I&R Scheme Claim
37.5 100% 37.5 £3,500.00
37.5 90% 33.75 £3,150.00
37.5 80% 30 £2,800.00
37.5 70% 26.25 £2,450.00
37.5 60% 22.5 £2,100.00
37.5 50% 18.75 £1,750.00
37.5 40% 15 £1,400.00

How to claim your bursary

The bursary placement will be paid directly to you from the GPNRO.

In order to claim, you should:

  • GP I&R scheme finance process

  • First time claimants, must complete the letter confirming the bank details to set-up HEE finance account - Letter

  • Claim form B - to be completed by practice Ask your educational supervisor or practice manager to counter sign the number of hours you have participated Claim Form B (CF:B).

  • Claim form C to be completed by GP I&R trainee doctor Claim Form C (CF:C).

  • All forms should be sent to the GPNRO. Claim form B and C should be submitted every four weeks and should take about 4 to 6 weeks to be paid.

Should any changes occur to the start, timing or breaks in the placement these must be notified to respective HEE local office I&R scheme team Lead and GPNRO immediately by email ( Claimants are advised to keep a copy of all their completed forms.

Please note that the practice is not involved in the claim process other than to confirm the hours present.

Other charges

Re-sits and repeated attempts at the Learning Needs Assessments will be charged as follows:

The current fee is:

  • MCQ (both papers): £150, Single paper: £75
  • Simulated surgery: £850

It is the responsibility of the doctor receiving payment to declare all payments to HM Revenue and Customs.

GP I&R scheme training doctors are categorized as self-employed as they receive a bursary. GPs on the scheme will need to complete and return an HMRC tax self-assessment for the financial year in question by the end of January in the following tax year. They will then get a breakdown of any national insurance they have left to pay. Since it is a bursary for ‘educational’ purposes and doctors on the scheme are not employed, the tax expert’s opinion we obtained suggests that HMRC does not consider this taxable income.