I&R (Eng) - Help with funding


What support is available?

Participants on the I&R Scheme are eligible for funding as follows:

  • A bursary payment of up to £3,500 per month (full time) while on a placement
  • A one-off Payment of up to £1,250 to assist with indemnity costs while on the scheme. Available until 2020
  • A one-off payment of up to £464 towards the costs of GMC membership and DBS fees. Available until 2020.
  • No upfront fees for the Portfolio Route
  • Reimbursement of up to £200 occupational health check fees
  • Up to four fully funded attempts at the assessments
  • Reimbursement of visa fees for non-EEA GPs and their dependents
  • Help with finding a practice that can sponsor your visa if you are non-EEA national
  • Abolition of fees for the Portfolio route (worth £950)
  • One year's free associate membership to the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)
  • Access to training and other educational and development support
  • Peer support networks, mentoring and coaching
  • Access to a dedicated account manager   
  • Relocation support: Relocation packages will vary based on the country of origin ranging from up to £8,500 for GPs based in Europe to £18,500 for those based in Australia.

    Any applicant accessing relocation support will be required to sign an agreement with NHS England indicating a commitment to complete the I&R Scheme and work as a GP. Failure to do this may result in NHSE England clawing back some of your relocation costs.

    Relocation support is only for those GPs that have joined the I&R Scheme from overseas but have not yet relocated to England to start their supervised I&R placement. If already moved to England, on a placement before the relocation package was launched, then you cannot now put in a retrospective reimbursement claim on relocating.


All the available funding is only claimable upon commencing the GP I&R Scheme clinical placement.   

 Applicants may, in certain circumstances, qualify for additional support through the Cameron Fund.

Applicants will be eligible for a full time bursary (37.5 hours per week) or pro-rata for part-time participation.

To participate in the scheme, you should have medical indemnity which is available at a reduced rate for the duration of your placement and can be reimbursed as described above.

Full Time Percent of Full time Hours in I&R Scheme Claim
37.5 100% 37.5 £3,500.00
37.5 90% 33.75 £3,150.00
37.5 80% 30 £2,800.00
37.5 70% 26.25 £2,450.00
37.5 60% 22.5 £2,100.00
37.5 50% 18.75 £1,750.00
37.5 40% 15 £1,400.00

How to claim your bursary

The bursary placement will be paid directly to you from the GPNRO.

In order to claim, you should:

  • GP I&R scheme finance process

  • First time claimants, must complete the letter confirming the bank details to set-up HEE finance account - Letter

  • Claim form B - to be completed by practice Ask your educational supervisor or practice manager to counter sign the number of hours you have participated Claim Form B (CF:B).

  • Claim form C to be completed by GP I&R trainee doctor Claim Form C (CF:C).

  • All forms should be sent to the GPNRO via email to iandr@hee.nhs.uk in clear version, correct format and PDF attachment only. Postal address: I&R Scheme, GP NRO, PMDE, HEE West Midlands, St Chads Court, 213 Hagley Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B16 9R.

  • Monthly Bursary  - Claim form B signed by Practice Manager and claim form C should be submitted every four weeks and first payment should take about 4 to 6 weeks to be paid and subsequent payment may take up to 3 weeks to be paid. A separate claim form C need to be submitted for claiming DBS/GMC and a separate claim form to be submitted claiming for Indemnity fee along with copy of proof of payment made, all the available funding is only claimable upon commencing the GP I&R placement.   

  • Hours & rate only: GP I&R scheme doctors are eligible to claim only the number of hours in the clinical placement within the agreed training placement contract and are not eligible to claim for Bank holiday, annual leave, sick leave, mat leave, any additional time, etc.  The hourly bursary rate is at £23.33

Should any changes occur to the start, timing or breaks in the placement these must be notified to respective HEE local office I&R scheme team Lead and GPNRO immediately by email (iandr@hee.nhs.uk). Claimants are advised to keep a copy of all their completed forms.

Please note that the practice is not involved in the claim process other than to confirm the hours present.

It is the responsibility of the doctor receiving payment to declare all payments to HM Revenue and Customs.

Since it is a bursary for ‘educational’ purposes and doctors on the scheme are not employed, the tax expert’s opinion we obtained suggests that HMRC does not consider this taxable income.

GP I&R Scheme training doctors that are categorized as self-employed and receive a bursary will need to complete and return an HMRC tax self-assessment for the financial year in question by the end of January in the following tax year. They will then get a breakdown of any national insurance they have left to pay.