From 1st November 2016, new and existing members of the I&R scheme will be eligible for funding as follows:

  • Increased bursary payment of £3,500 per full time month claimed directly by the I&R doctor from the GPNRO
  • One off payment of £1,250 to assist with indemnity costs whilst on the Scheme. Available until 31st October 2018
  • One off payment of £464 towards the costs of GMC membership and DBS fees. Available until 31st October 2018
  • Free first attempts at learning needs assessments. Existing members of the scheme will still need to claim on completion of the scheme
  • Payment to the hosting practice of an I&R supervision fee


Applicants may, in certain circumstances qualify for additional support through the Cameron Fund.

Applicants will be eligible for a full time bursary  (37.5 hours per week) or pro-rata for part-time participation.

Full Time Percent of Full time Hours in I&R Scheme Claim
37.5 100% 37.5 £3,500.00
37.5 90% 33.75 £3,150.00
37.5 80% 30 £2,800.00
37.5 70% 26.25 £2,450.00
37.5 60% 22.5 £2,100.00
37.5 50% 18.75 £1,750.00
37.5 40% 15 £1,400.00

Claiming your bursary

The bursary placement will be paid directly to you from the GPNRO.

In order to claim, you should:

All forms should be sent to the GPNRO. Claim form B and C should be submitted every four weeks and should take about 4 to 6 weeks to be paid.

Should any changes occur to the start, timing or breaks in the placement these must be notified to the GPNRO immediately by email ( Claimants are advised to keep a copy of all their completed forms.

Please note that the practice is not involved in the claim process other than to confirm the hours present.

To participate in the scheme, you should have medical indemnity, which is available at a reduced rate for the duration of your placement and can be reimbursed.

Re-sits and repeated attempts at the Learning Needs Assessments will be charged as follows:

The current fee is:

A. MCQ (both papers): £150, Single paper: £75

B. Simulated surgery: £850


It is the responsibility of the doctor receiving payment to declare all payments to HM Revenue and Customs.