I&R (Eng) - Completing the scheme

Completing the Scheme

To successfully complete the I&R scheme and be entered onto the Medical Performers List (MPL) without conditions or restrictions you must have:

  • successfully completed the GP Induction and Refresher placement
  • a satisfactory Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) report including multi source feedback and patient satisfaction questionnaire
  • completed safeguarding training for children to level 3
  • completed the mandatory e-LfH module on GP induction
  • submitted the WPBA report to the NHS England regional team with any required evidence
  • started your portfolio preparation for an early placement appraisal (see appraisal guidance)
  • “Article on GP Appraisal”

Once you have successfully completed the scheme, you are ready to return to practice.


Would you like to add the MRCGP to your existing qualifications.  You can start the work while on the I&R scheme or even afterwards ?

You can apply to the RCGP to take membership by the assessment  of performance (MAP) route.  The RCGP is able to offer you support through local Facilities and has a dedicated office to help

Website www.rcgp.org.uk/map

Map flyer