The GP Induction & Refresher Scheme

Your route to join or return to NHS general practice in England 

Whether you have NHS experience or not, our GP Induction and Refresher Scheme is designed to provide a safe, supported and direct route for qualified GPs to join or return to NHS general practice in England.

The scheme can be tailored to meet your needs, experiences and personal commitments, and it has lots of new features with more planned from April 2017 to make things simpler and easier for you. Once you’ve registered for the scheme you will have access to your own dedicated account manager to guide you through the process. That’s not all, there’s more financial support too.

So if you are joining us having never worked as a NHS GP, or coming back to general practice after a break, you are welcome. Registering for the scheme means you will be joining or coming back to one of the most rewarding, challenging, flexible and diverse careers in medicine.  

 What’s on offer? 

  • A bursary of up to £3,500 a month whilst you are on a placement
  • Help towards indemnity costs and other fees worth £1,714
  • No assessment fees for first time applicants
  • Access to a dedicated account manager
  • Options to complete most parts of the scheme before moving back to England, if you are living overseas
  • Help with relocation costs if you move to some parts of England 

Watch our animation to find out more about the scheme and what’s involved.

Got a question? Read our FAQs.

Want to know more?

You can read about how some of our GPs have benefited from the scheme and how they found the experience below:

Frances, a GP in Derbyshire explains why there's never been a better time for GPs to return to the NHS.

"The first time Dr Frances Clement tried to return to general practice after a 10-year break she was faced by a wall of unhelpful bureaucracy and gave up in frustration. But thanks to the revamped NHS scheme to attract GPs back..."

Nazia, a GP in Southampton completed the Induction and Refresher scheme in 2016, having taken 6 years out to complete her family.

"Being a St George's graduate, I started my GP training in London but then moved to Coventry once I married. I completed my VTS in the West Midlands and after spending time as a locum, settled down as a salaried GP in Rugby..."

Mansi, a GP in London who came back to practice after having children

"After I completed my training, I worked as a salaried GP in London for about three years. I got pregnant in 2009 and had two children quite close together and ended up being at home with them for close to six years overall. When they entered school, I decided to get back into work..."

Maria moved from Greece and now works as a part-time GP in Surbiton

"I'd always planned to move abroad to further develop my career, and as I did my degree at an English speaking University, the UK and US were at that top of the list. The UK is known for the standard of General Practice all around the world, and I thought it’d be the best place to continue my medical career...

Antony, a GP based in Greenford, London

"I worked as a classical musician before deciding to train as a GP Sydney, Australia. Coming to the UK had always been ‘the plan’ as there are excellent career opportunities for me and my partner, who is also a musician.  I completed my GP training in Sydney and we moved over with our children in 2014...